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Cultivation of fungi and bacteria

MycoTech s.r.o. develops fermentation technologies based on cultivation of fungi, mushrooms and bacteria. All technologies developed in laboratories are verified in pilot plant conditions at clients’ requests. All technologies can be adapted by further optimization of processes to production equipment of our clients. Consequently separation techniques and purification of fermented broth and biomass are developed.

Fermentation technologies are developed in deep/submerged and stationary/surface fermentation conditions, in conformity with demands on cultivated microorganisms. These experimental operations are realized with respect to the subsequent extraction and purification process – either overproduction of secondary metabolites or production of unified cell biomass. Stationary fermentation is developed on liquid media conditions as well as on natural solid substrates.

Isolation and purification of biologically active compounds

MycoTech s.r.o. has specific laboratory equipment suitable for different tasks. The company is able to extract and isolate secondary metabolites from fungal and bacterial fermentation broth. Intracellular metabolites are extracted from separated biomass; extracellular metabolites are extracted from filtered fermentation liquid.

Compounds after extraction are prepared to purity higher than 99 % by using column chromatography. Isolated biologically active compounds are provided by the certificate.

Development of final formulation

Research and development of final formulation is focused on food supplements and agents for biological plant control. Chemical substances or unified biomass of fungi or bacteria are active components of this formulation.

Cells used for development of bio-formulation are obtained either from stationary or submerged fermentation. It depends on used microorganisms. Whether the final formulation is powdered or liquid depends on clients’ requirements.

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About us

The biotechnological company MycoTech s.r.o. is aimed at research and development of fermentation technologies, such as the isolation and the purification of their products and their subsequent formulation. We offer our partners complex services associated with research, development and production.

Its strength lies in its ability to turn the knowledge into practical applications. The company is concerned with development and implementation of technologies and products based on cultivation of fungi and bacteria. Whole operations are focused on optimization of processes in laboratory conditions for successive transfer to pilot plant and production scale. Developed technologies are implemented to large production scales at our clients’ facility.

Fermented microbial biomass is used for development of isolation and purification procedures of biologically active compounds, especially secondary metabolites, which are utilizable in pharmacy, chemistry, food industry and agriculture.

MycoTech s.r.o. is able to develop final formulations of produced compounds. The active component is the chemical substance or vital unified biomass, both primarily gained from fermentation processes.

We recognize that we cannot be experts in all technologies, so partnering with the right external experts helps broaden our portfolio.


MycoTech s.r.o. has longstanding experience with research and development of technologies – fermentations, isolations and formulations. The company is able to develop solutions for various tasks.

All technologies developed in laboratories are verified in pilot plant conditions. All technologies can be adapted by further optimization of processes to production equipment of our clients.

You can consult Mycotech s.r.o. about your problems in the field of research and development.

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MycoTech s.r.o. engages in a number of partnerships with academic centres and commercial biotechnological companies in the Czech Republic and abroad:

Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences CR, v.v.i.
Biology centre CAS, v.v.i.
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Production and Agroecology)

Irel spol. s r.o.
Agra, a.s.
CBIC, a.s.

Koppert, Netherlands
Certis, United States of America